Selected Grain, Secret of Taste

  Maranik LLC was founded in 2001, becoming the first major brand in the Armenian market of packed grains and pulses of distinguished quality. The brand spread very quickly and gained recognition with Armenian consumers soon after introduction. Maranik has been continuosly working on improving the quality and assortment of its products and it currently offers 6 main categories of products to its consumers – grains and pulses, spices, wheat flour, nuts and dried fruits, coffee and pasta.

Grains and pulses - Maranik offers its consumers more than 40 types of packed grains, including both widely known and rare varieties, such as Miracolo, Jasmin and Surinam rices. We market three types of Miracolo rice, which are a mixtures of wild black rice and rare types of white rices. Jasmin rice, for instance, is known for its delicate aroma and peculiar taste.

Spices - Maranik presents various sorts of inimitable spices to consumers, including regionally themed series, such as Indian, Arabic, Georgian and Armenian spices. We also offer gourmet seasonings for pork, poultry, fish, steaks, cutlets and other meals. The brand presents both common and rare spices such as Curry, Turmeric, Tandoor mix, Oregano, Nutmeg, Dried Lemon Powder, Garlic Powder, White Pepper and so on. The product lineup also includes a wide variety of nuts and dried fruit.

Pasta - Maranik is known in the local market for its Italian pasta of the highest quality, which is exclusive in Armenian market of Pasta.

Coffee – Our company invested in a major expansion project in 2012 and  we added a new coffee production line. Our consumers can now enjoy a large variety of in-house roasted gourmet coffee.

Our company has extensive international trading experience. We import products from a number of countries, such as Canada, Tailand, Argentina, India, Ukraine, Egypt, Mexico, the USA and others. When choosing suppliers, our emphasis is not on the price but the exclusive quality, which enables us to offer our consumers products of selected and unmatched attributes.

Maranik LLC has been taking steps to further develop exports. Our products are currently being exported to Republic of Artsakh, Georgia, Russia, the USA, and Italy to name a few. There are plans to further widen export geography, particularly to more European countries. There is also a steadily growing interest in our products from Asia.

Our brand has become a market leader due to the distinguished quality of our products and adopted working principles, such as multistage quality control, comprehensive sanitary-hygienic monitoring and unmatched discipline. Our company regularly organizes training programs to make sure our teams become more skilled and maintain and enhance the culture that helped us to grow and become successful. Continuous emphasis on quality control, constant monitoring of our consumers' needs and improving skills and experience of our teams helped the company to become unquestionable leader in the Armenian market. Our slogan therefore embodies our aspirations - ''Selected Grain, Secret of Taste''.


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