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  Maranik LLC was founded in 2001, becoming the first major brand in the Armenian market of packed grains and pulses of distinguished quality. The brand spread very quickly and gained recognition with Armenian consumers soon after introduction. Maranik has been continuosly working on improving the quality and assortment of its products and it currently offers 6 main categories of products to its consumers – grains and pulses,...



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Buckwheat porridge

"Maranik " presents ground buckwheat grains for porridges, rich in necessary vitamins and nutritious substances for children. It will make housewive's cares easier  and will satisfy our...

Rice porridge

Company  "Maranik" presents ground rice grains used especially for porridges. They contain necessary vitamins and nutritious substances for children's healthy development. This new product...

Spices in jars

The variety of spices "Maranik" is directed to make the taste of your dishes special. Some of the spices are now presented in special containers to make their use and preservation more...

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